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Will unleashed a diatribe against his tutor.

The noise of the bullet was suppressed by the silencer

There is serenity in Tibet

The cuala was affable, because it offered me some bamboo.

Will attributed his soccer skills to the fact that he practiced for years.

Will castigated Gabe harshly

When Will got his new headphones he was euphoric

Will could smell death that was somewhere in the vicinity

The compromised police man colluded with his friends

Gabe had scruples when he was told to kill the rabbit



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9. Morale

  1. the confidence, enthusiasm, and discipline of a person or group at a particular time. Noun
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7. Affability

the quality of being affable; geniality: an air of benign affability. (adj, Noun)

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6. Attributes

  1. regard something as being caused by (someone or something) (verb)
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5. Euphoric

  1. characterized by or feeling intense excitement and happiness (adj)
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1. Vicinity

the area near or surrounding a particular place (noun)

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eel or express sincere regret or remorse about one’s wrongdoing or sin

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  • Bill was in a quandary, for  he had just had a car crash involving a chicken.
  • Gabe was deranged after his intense brain surgery had gone terribly wrong.
  • Will does his homework methodically every night.
  • Will is omnipotent.
  • The rebels showed animosity after their camp caught on fire.
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Animosity- hostility


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Water Quality Quizz

  1. Temperature is used as a parameter for water quality because the hotter the water is the less life is likely to live in it, also it will probably be murky and dirty because dark water attracts more sun light.
  2. BOD is the amount of oxygen that is needed to by the decomposers to decompose all of the dead plants. This means that there is then less oxygen for the fish and they all start to die.
  3.     Turbidity is when trees or scrubs get chopped down and erosion starts to get in the water or leaves get in the water..etc. this causes the water to get darker and overall hotter.
  4. Soli sediment can increase water temperature because it makes the water a darker color and it’s a know fact that darker objects attract more sun.
  5. It is used as a parameter of water quality because if there is feces in the water then there is a large chance that the water will cause infection and diseases
  6. A few ways that fecal coliform could enter the water are: Runoff from land, swage leaks, and wildlife.
  7. I think that they just need to be checked more often to make sure that there are no oncoming leaks, this would save later time and money and overall it would save the oceans.
  8. Nitrogen and phosphorous are damaging to the water because they make all the plants boom into life then they all die and then the decomposers come around and take all of the oxygen decomposing the dead plants and then the fish don’t have enough oxygen to survive.

B) Nitrogen can get into the ocean through run off.

  1. Acidity
  2.             During our trip to Mexico we have come across a few different types of water. Many of which were clear and clean but at one point we were in water with high fecal coliform levels.  This was when we were in Isla Credos, we were attempting to wake board but unfortunately it didn’t go to well. While we were in Cabo San Lucas we saw water with what looked like high levels of nitrogen because it was very dense and seemed quite dark in color. This may also be caused by high levels of turbidity or phosphorous.
  1. They exciting thing I learned in this handout was that feces in the water is not always bad.
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